Why Dubai is an Awesome Vacation Destination

Dubai is an Awesome Vacation Destination

The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai makes for a great vacation destination. Dubai has everything all in one place for the visitor who wants an easy vacation to plan out. With a glowing reputation, Dubai vacation rentals are some of the best in the world. There is food, shopping and relaxation galore in this metropolis of a city.

Dubai is an Awesome Vacation Destination

Situated along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai enjoys relatively pleasant climate for most of the year. The city has become a major transportation hub for both passengers and cargo. They have attracted the world’s attention through their large scale construction projects and many visitors go there simply to marvel at the architectural wonders. The World Expo is poised to be held in Dubai in 2020.

If you are looking for an easy place to go for your next vacation, here are some reason Dubai should be at the top of your list:

Watch the World’s Largest Fountain Show

Barj Khalifa is a 30 acre manmade lake. Within this area is the Dubai Fountain which is made to impress. This is the world’s largest dancing fountain and each evening an impressive water and light show is put on. The fountain is illuminated by 1.5 million lumens of projected colorful lights on water spouts that shoot up. The water is projected around the fountain to a variety of synchronized music. Some of the water spouts go as high at 50 stories. This is a cool thing to definitely check out while you are in town.

Discover the Lost City

The “Lost City of Atlantis” is a place of wonder. Wherever you fall on the scale of fact or legend, visitors can at least check out The Lost City of Atlantis at the Atlantis Palm Hotel. A luxurious hotel, you don’t have to be staying there to check out the sites. Visitors can walk through the underground grottos and view many different kinds of aquatic species. There is also an Aquaventure and kids and adults alike have fun zooming down the water slides. No matter what, there is a bit of fun being able to say you went on vacation and visited The Lost City of Atlantis.

Stay in Awesome Accommodation

Dubai is making its mark in the world for a variety of reasons and having stellar accommodation options is one of them. If you want to live it up for your time away from home, this is the place. Many savvy travelers are veering away from the traditional hotel booking route. Instead they are opting to find a place they can have just to themselves. This still gives people all the creature comforts of home but with some super nice touches to remind yourself that you are in fact on vacation. Think about waking up to those beautiful sunrises. Or perhaps it’s more your style to sip back on your favorite beverage watching the sun slip down behind the ocean’s horizon. Especially if you are traveling with a group of people or as a family the cost of splitting private accommodation can be surprisingly affordable.

Admire the Architecture

The city of Dubai has certainly transformed from the fishing settlement it once was. The architecture around town is worth the trip alone. This is an interesting time to visit as the past is blending with the modernization of the place. There are tons of unique and interesting buildings to check out. Two worth taking special note of are

Burj Al Arab: This famous hotel is in the shape of a sail boat. With a pretty hefty price tag this place often is nick named a 7 star hotel. Regardless if you stay there or not, it’s a good one to get some cool photos of.

Burj Khalita: This building is famous for being the world’s tallest sky scrapper. At an enormous height, it towers up to 160 stories high. Most visitors have a hard time capturing a full framed photo of it. You can see this building from so many different angles from around the city. If you are keen, there is an observation deck that is open to the public and is a cool thing to check out.

Shop for Days at the Dubai Mall

Well known and easily reachable from any access point in the main part of the city, The Dubai Mall is huge. The mall itself is broken up into several sections and there are hundreds of shops and restaurants. There is also an aquarium, ice skating rink, a 22 screen multiplex movie theatre and an entire theme park called Sega Republic. Some visitors report they actually need more than one day. If the weather is too hot for your liking, the mall makes for a great place to get some exercise and escape from the heat.

Enjoy Parks and The Beach

No matter where you are in the world, grass and green park spaces are good for the soul. Creek Side Park is a 221 acre green space that offers reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors can also get a mini lesson in plants as they browse through the Botanical Garden that is on site there. If beaches are more your style, Dubai has plenty of those too. They range from free beaches to paid beaches so you can choose whatever fits your travel style best.

We all need a place to get away from it all for a while. The close proximity of so many attractions and being a major transportation hub make Dubai an easy choice for so many different types of travelers. Dubai makes for an interesting destination to go experience.