Why Dubai has Gotten So Popular?

Why Dubai has Gotten So Popular

Dubai has randomly become a top tourist destination of the world and most tourists prefer to visit this place. Dubai tourism is growing rapidly and is popular till now. Let us discuss the secrets behind popularity of this place.

One of the special reasons responsible for the popularity of Dubai is web presence. Beautiful pictures of this strange place have travelled across the web and also on the portals, where pictures are shared randomly. You can easily make a search in the preferred internet browser and can watch the beautiful images of it.

A second reason can be that this city looks quite comfortable. It is located in UAE and allows all the comforts that one expects in all sorts of cities in the world. It has everything, from popular stores to international banks that can make your vacations pleasurable in all way. As comfort is the topic of discussion at present, Dubai has one of the most impressive buildings that belong to hotels and also they look impressive from both sides, outside as well as inside.

A third thing which is good about Dubai is its climate. The climate of Dubai can be regarded as one of the best climates of world, comprising of blue skies and beaches. The climate of Dubai is sub-tropical. Only the thing which is bad is that during summer, weather gets hot enough and on the other hand, it never becomes too cold. Rain varies from places situated in a tropical area such that rain is neither so common nor so heavy.

Dubai is an exotic travel destination and bears several nightclubs as well as hotel bars around the city.  All these things have made Dubai as one of the top tourist destinations of the world, especially in the Middle East. As per Euromonitor, Dubai is ranked on 8th number in the world in the survey of around 150 cities that are most visited in the whole world in year 2007, when it was visited by around 6.54 million visitors.

The estimated number will cross 15 million by 2015. Travel industry is well promoted in Dubai by the government that helps a lot to earn the huge revenue as well as foreign exchange. Tourists are usually attracted towards Dubai because of shopping and other ancient and few latest tourist attractions which were built during the latest construction boom which certainly helped Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai is fairly connected with airlines to the all major destinations of the world. More than 120 airlines operate in the Dubai International Airport that connects Dubai with 260 destinations around the globe. Dubai bears all the major hotel chains that provide the world class services to the visitors. The rental villas and apartments of Dubai are also getting popular frequently in the Dubai.

If we see Dubai from safety point of view, this place is extremely safe for woman. The illegal drugs that include counter medicines like codeine are banned in this place and if a person found guilty to have it can be sentenced for around 4 years. Dubai is also named as popular Shopping capital of the Middle East.

Dubai is the most visited place in the souk district which is situated on both sides of the creek. The city has modern malls, boutiques as well as shopping centres. Such places provide each kind of material items under single roof. Dubai duty free located ad Dubai International Airport serves the multinational passengers.

The intense bargaining is essential feature of the shopping in Dubai. Few places may offer fixed price but other Dubai outlets offer good scope for price negotiations. Dubai shopping festival occurs each year and is the main shopping event in Dubai. It mostly takes place in January month. This festival has transformed Dubai into a giant shopping mall, where everything since cars to clothes is sold beneath one roof. Particular additional events such as folk dance, musical concerts as well as art exhibitions are also organized in the festival.

The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum house is one of the important tourist destinations of Dubai. The visitors also prefer to see Dubai Museum which is situated in the restored Al Fahidi Fort was erected in 1799. There also exists a heritage village of Hatta that is situated in south-east of Dubai that comes in Rocky Hatta Mountain range. Travel Dubai with Simons Holidays.