Whitewater Rafting: An Exciting Activity in Northern California

Whitewater Rafting: An Exciting Activity in Northern California

Whitewater rafting is an extreme water sport that is loved by many. The sport is known around the world, and in the United States, a lot of whitewater rafting spots are present. One of the best locations to do whitewater rafting is in Northern California because the area has a lot of rivers that have varying rapids. Everyone could take part in each whitewater rafting activity and have a great time. It is recommended for families, friends, and team building activities, among others. Children as small as eight years old can also participate in the activity, and the tour guides in Northern California assures the visitors the children can enjoy whitewater rafting without any dangers involved. The river rapids might seem scary for some, but the tour guides ensure that the Northern Californian river rapids are safe.

One of the best locations to do whitewater rafting in Northern California would be at the North Fork, a class four or five whitewater rafting rapids located in the American River. Many tourists are visiting the area because of its picturesque beauty and the exciting activities that can be performed in the area. There are a lot of canyons, mountains, and other beautiful landscapes to be seen while navigating the raging rivers. First timers and experts can enjoy the route, and the tours guides are saying that everyone would have a good time and a great adrenaline rush flowing inside their bodies. For this route, the minimum age permitted is 14, but younger children can go to other rafting areas within the region, and these places are near each other. The South Fork area can be an alternative for those who are younger than 14 because it is less challenging.

The Northern Fork area is considered by many as one of the most challenging routes in Northern California. Those who are still new to the sport prefer this location because it would give them more thrills, and they are also after the beautiful scenery that can be found along this route. Visitors are requested to go during spring to experience the best of the Northern Fork whitewater rafting area. This is the season when snow is melting and feeding off the great river. The melting ices from the mountains create the river rapids, and according to the tour guides, there should be a lot of snow and ice during the winter season to thoroughly enjoy the experience when spring comes.

The Northern Fork area that is frequented by a lot of whitewater rafting enthusiasts is situated more than 140 miles off San Francisco and 60 miles off Sacramento. Because of its proximity to the major Californian cities, many tourists are trying to do the rafting during the day and return to their hotels at night. For those who wanted to have a full experience of the trip, they can also opt to sleep in camping tents within the park, with the tour guides looking after the visitors to ensure their safety. Tourism in the area is continuously increasing annually, and the government of California believes that whitewater rafting activities in its northern region can rival its well-established reputation as a surfing state.

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