What to know before boarding a flight?

Go Air

So you have finally managed to get the tickets for your overdue trip. Well, your worries don’t end here. It might be a case that you haven’t travelled in years or maybe you have never taken a flight before. There will definitely be a million thoughts that boggle your mind. Whether it is your first time or the hundredth, the security checks, getting your baggage safely checked in, getting to the desired gate on time, finding out the terminal and the subsequent tasks involved in boarding a flight safely can seem to be daunting.

While many attempts have been introduced to simplify the procedures, they are pretty much the same. Some flights like Go Air offer services like priority check-in, special meals on board and such facilities for even customers who avail domestic flight services. Having a clear idea of what to do, where to go and how to go about the proceedings can help you big time.

  • Make a checklist: This is one of the wisest ways to start planning your trip. Now that you have booked your tickets, say you intend to fly with Go Air, you can go to their site and get to know about the banned items in your cabin luggage and the size, weight and other necessary details. Remember to keep away the prohibited things and get your baggage ready.
  • Keep your tickets and passport ready: It is always advisable to avoid the last minute hustle and bustle. Taking the printouts of the tickets and keeping it handy is essential for the security check. If you are heading for international travel, keep your passports ready as well. Keeping the e-ticket and ensuring that you reach at least a few hours before the flight takes off is also a good thing to do. Arriving early comes with a lot of perks including the freedom to choose your preferred seat, which works on a first come first serve basis in any flights including the Chennai Delhi flights.
  • At the airport: You will be dropped off at the departure and to get inside the airport, you will have to show the e-ticket or the printed ticket, your ID proof which can be either your passport, pan card, voter ID card, Aadhar card or your driving license. After that, you can directly head towards your respective airline check-in counter.
  • At the check-in counter: Some airports insist on scanning your luggage after which it will be weighed. Once the checking is done, you can hand over the ID proof and ticket to the official in the counter and choose your seat preference. The personnel will hand over your boarding pass and tell you the gate number. Once the boarding pass is issued, the e-ticket holds no value. Ask for the directions to security check and make sure that the details are correct.
  • Security Check: Note the gate number, seat number and time in your boarding pass. Go ahead with the security check and have your hand baggage tagged. After the security check, your boarding pass will be stamped and you are all set to board the flight.

These steps outline a typical pre-flight process to be followed at the airport. Knowing these steps can be a great way to ensure that your overall flight boarding process becomes a zero hassle affair.