Top Five Advantages of Selecting a Boutique Hotel

Top Five Advantages of Selecting a Boutique Hotel

There is no doubt that resorts are fun, but there is a time when you want to stay in a more intimate setting. You do not have an experience of staying in a boutique hotel, then you are really missing something. In this article, we will discuss five advantages to spend holidays in a small yet trendy hotel. You can book your stay at ipoh boutique hotel through their website or with the help of your travel agent.

Personal level of service

Boutique hotels have lessthan 100rooms; thisis the reason why their service staff can concentrate more in catering to their guest’s requirements. They have enough time and opportunity to know about their guests preferences and work accordingly. The smaller hotel means more intimate setting and this will give you a personal feel. Many people get surprised when the hotel staff greets them by their names hotelwhen they come back to the boutique hotel after a day out. While dining in the restaurant, the waiter or the server may greet you with your name. Boutique hotel is perfect for those people who want to experience a perfect and customized stay.

Cultural style

When you stay in a hotel of a big chain resort, you will have the same experience; it does not matter in which part of the world you are staying. You will find them same settings and feel identical. On the other hand, boutique hotels will provide you a different feel of being local and it will give a different cultural experience.This is refreshing for those people who want to experience something different. People who want to know about their surroundings and different cultures, these boutique hotels are a perfect place to start with. You will also find local things in the hotel like handcrafted furniture, local ingredients and other things as well to give you a real feel.

Corporate free

These boutique hotels are independent and they are not a part of corporate houses. This is the reason they have freedom to offer their guests with a variety of amenities. People who do not wish to go for a resort pool may find the musical scene or an art gallery a different thing to experience.

A different vacation

Many times larger hotels are a bed to retire at the end of the day whereas boutique hotels will offer you much more than this. You want to go out from other hotels to experience the local culture or see the historic buildings. These boutique hotels are set in historic buildings and they will provide you that, which you can get outside of the big hotels. Lesser rooms means, less people around the pool and you will have enough space to enjoy.

Better value

They will not charge you much as big hotels do or the resorts. When you are travelling abroad, you want to look into different cultures and lifestyle of the host country. Boutique hotels will offer a better insight with an authentic look; you cannot reap these benefits from luxury hotels. If you wish to go on a different and memorable holiday, book your stay at ipoh boutique hotel.