Tips for Booking a Hotel in Bangkok

Tips for Booking a Hotel in Bangkok

There is an endless list of reasons to book a short or long-term break in the awe-inspiring city of Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok offers a unique experience and the city attracts hundreds of thousands of travellers every year. It is a city filled with chaos, culture, food, and some of the friendliest people in the world. Here are some great tips for booking a hotel in the city.

Book a Hotel with a Sky Bar

Bangkok offers some breath-taking views, so it is important to book a hotel which hosts an area where you can enjoy its stunning skyline. If you don’t have the money to stay in a penthouse suite, a hotel with a sky bar is the next best thing. Search for a hotel which boasts roof top bars and dining areas where you can sit with family or friends and soak up the atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy Bangkok city views from the luxury sky bar in Compass Skyview Hotel if you decide to stay a few nights at this prestigious venue. It contains a stunning 360-degree bar which allows you to relax and appreciate your amazing surroundings, all whilst feasting on a delicious snack from the bars delightful menu. If you visit a sprawling metropolis like Bangkok you can’t miss the opportunity to stay in accommodation which includes a hotel with amazing views of the city, there is no better vantage point than a 360-rooftop bar to gaze upon the city.

Request a Corner Room

When booking a room in the many hotels in Bangkok, try to get a corner room. The reason for this is you typically get more square feet in comparison to other similar rooms on your floor. Everyone enjoys extra space so why not try to get the best room at that price, if you forget to request it when booking, simply ask the staff discreetly if it would be possible to move to a corner unit, you may be in luck and they’ll be able to accommodate your request.


If you’re hoping to get an upgrade it is advisable to check in towards the end of the day, most visitors have already checked in and as the evening approaches the hotel is less likely to receive more occupants, most check in early. The hotel now knows their numbers, and can possibility offer you an upgrade if a room is available.

Book Directly

There are many perks to booking directly with a hotel rather than going through an agency or website. You get to know the staff and if an upgrade becomes available, they’ll usually give it to you as you are more well known that other customers, keeping a friendly relationship is important.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when searching for accommodation in Bangkok, there are numerous hotels, but only a select few who offer high quality service with amenities such as a 360-degree sky bars. Take some time to select the most suitable hotel for you and read through the many reviews online to help make a decision.