The Dirty Truth About Sydney and Melbourne or Is It Melbourne and Sydney

Dirty Truth About Sydney and Melbourne

Melbourne and Sydney, or if you are a Sydneysider it would be Sydney and Melbourne, have enjoyed a love/hate relationship for centuries. For 47 years, Sydney enjoyed its status as the first city of Australia until Melbourne came along in 1835. Sydney, like most older brothers, at first loved Melbourne but when Melbourne started surpassing its older brother in terms of public image and wealth as is detailed on such sites as Melbourne Flights Accommodation and, Sydney soon came to hate Melbourne and resented its new found fame and fortune.

It’s entirely plausible that Sydney was secretly glad to see Melbourne fall from the dizzy heights of wealthiest city in the world during the great depression but Sydney couldn’t let Melbourne completely die out of existence and today are still taking snide shots at each other like most brothers do. Why do Sydney and Melbourne have this kind of a relationship? Because it would be unnatural if they didn’t. New York and Los Angeles in the United States share a similar relationship, but it looks like New York will ultimately win in that relationship.

Sydney has a food scene that does its residents proud, Melbourne also has a great food scene which may actually be a little bit better. Sydney wins on having the biggest film and literary festivals but Melbourne has a happening art scene. Comedy wise, Melbourne appears to get the bigger laughs with an international comedy festival that attracts the biggest names in comedy around the globe and also showcases up and coming comedic talent. Melbourne also has an enduring pop culture icon in Kylie Minogue, Sydney should be so lucky…lucky, lucky, lucky.

Both Sydney and Melbourne worship their football codes though, and this is something they can agree on but Melburnians are said to actually go to the game where Sydneysiders prefer to referee from the comfort of their armchairs. There are many things that bind Sydney and Melbourne together and no matter how hard both cities may strive to be different, the undeniable fact is they’re both inherently Australian. They will be forever united by the fact that they are both huge cities and both have a sprawling population. Their dense Central Business Districts are work hard by day and party hard by night.

In truth, Melbourne and Sydney can’t NOT love each other most of the time. The business that they do together is important and the busiest domestic flight route in Australia is between Sydney and Melbourne so there are some Sydney siders who like the taste of Melbourne and Melburnians who enjoy taking in Sydney’s sights. People might point out that Melbourne’s waterfronts don’t stack up to Sydney’s gleaming harbour and that being said. Sydney might have a better chance at being recognised by international travellers more easily than Melbourne would.

For instance, Sydney has the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Ask most people outside of Australia to name a landmark and most of them will say the Opera House. You might believe the Sydney Opera House to be an old piece of architecture but in reality it is only 40 years old. It was opened in 1973 and was instantly recognizable around the world due to it’s location at the forefront of Sydney Harbour. For this, Melbourne only has its sky deck tower to contend with the visual feast that the Opera House offers but even so, many will agree that is not as stunning as what Sydney has.

Sydney and Melbourne have a lot to be proud of, their rivalry may well be one of the things that make these two cities unique.