The Crazy Tomato Fest Facts| La Tomatina Facts

La Tomatina Facts

A small street, 20,000+ people, 100 tons tomatoes, 1 hour; these are the highlights that make the grand Spain famous festival La Tomatina so much fun.

What is La Tomatina?

La Tomatina is the biggest annual food fight which is celebrated in Bunol; a small town 38 km from Valencia, Spain. Even though Bunol is a very small town with a really small population, but every year in August, nearly 20,000 people manage to fit in a small street of Bunol; just so they can throw and squash the tomatoes and have fun with their loved ones.

To answer the question of what is La Tomatina; it is a world famous festival that will give you the best experience of your life. You just have to be free and throw the tomatoes and have the time of your life.

When is La Tomatina celebrated?

This crazy tomato fight festival is celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of the month August.

The La Tomatina festival is being celebrated by thousands of people for 70 decades now. The first fight happened on the same day (last Wednesday of August) in 1945. Since then, people wait eagerly for this day.

La Tomatina also got banned in the early 50’s; as the elderly people thought of it as a waste of tomatoes. But after some years and the amazing unity of the Spanish people, the tomato fighting festival came back with a official name ‘La Tomatina.’

Some crazy facts of the crazy fest La Tomatina

Here are some La Tomatina facts  that you probably didn’t know. After reading these facts about the world famous tomato squashing La Tomatina, you will know everything there is to know about this festival.

  1. This famously crazy food fight lasts for just an hour.
  2. After the 2ndbell, you cannot throw a single tomato.
  3. The tomatoes for the La Tomatina festival come from ‘Extremadura’; because the tomatoes are cheaper there than Valencia.
  4. Before the crazy battle starts, a competition named ‘EL PALO JABON’ happens; where people have to climb up a greasy pole to take the ham down.
  5. After the ham is dropped down, the classical La Tomatina starts.
  6. Also, whoever gets to drop the ham; gets to keep it.
  7. The tomatoes are brought in six big trucks at the main street of the teeny town Bunol.
  8. The trucks pour down the tomatoes at the people directly to start the show.

These were some crazy facts about the famous La Tomatina. Now, have a look at some of the rules.

Rules for La Tomatina:

  1. Always squash the tomato before throwing it, or you may hurt somebody.
  2. Wear goggles, or the acid from the tomato might get in your eye and make it itch.
  3. Don’t wear or keep something sharp with you.
  4. Wear light colored clothes, so you get to keep it safe and remember the fight every tim