Summer Holidays At The Ocean And In The Countryside

Summer Holidays

After getting back to work last week, I wanted to plunge into those lovely moments spent in the ocean and in the countryside, to fight the blues of the re-entry …

This year, we returned to the Landes because since small, I can not resist the call of the ocean. I did not do all the things I wanted to do but it is the principle of holidays, to do nothing or at least to do as little as possible! I did a surf session even though I would have liked to do more.
Noah took more advantage of the sand than water, this year he was more suspicious with regard to the water and the waves. He who is usually a burned head, did not venture into the water alone and I had to be next to him and hold his hand. He became aware of the strength of the ocean.
I also explained to him the meaning of the colors of the flag. Every day, when we were climbing the dune, he talked to me about the color flag: “maybe it’s green or maybe it’s yellow.” It was only on the day we left that we saw the green flag.
Noah saw his first sunsets and his first fireworks and it fascinated him.

To my regret, I could not even read a book, when one is a parent, one can no longer chill on his towel or take a nap without being solicited every 2 minutes by his smallmonster.
We went to the beach in the morning and in the late afternoon, between bathing, building sand castles and picking shells, I did not feel like having time for me …
And this impression s ‘is turned into hard reality when we spent a week in the country at my parents’ home. Noah was able to enjoy his cousins ​​who were also on vacation with their grandparents, but we did not stop for a minute. Between taking care of the children, preparing meals, changing them, washing them, making them taste, I had no respite. But it was so beautiful to see them laugh and play together, they rarely see each other and all these shared moments will remain, I hope, engraved in their memory.
I still had the time in the evening to sand and varnish the wooden bed of Noah, marinated in Emmaus last year. I installed it in Noah’s room, he now has a large bed. I must show you her new room soon!

I did not want to go back to Lyon, I wanted to stay in the south-west, especially with these heatwaves, which are more bearable in the country than in town …
To live outside from morning to evening, to hear the crickets, to go pick up the vegetables in my mother’s kitchen garden, fetch the eggs from the chicken coop, enjoy the large garden, watch the starry sky at night, all these things make me love living in the countryside.
Noah also enjoys living outside. He would never go to bed, even if he did not hold anymore, he asked me to go for a slide tour at 9pm, even if he had spent all day and had done the madman in the pool.
We did all the same well, the return to a life simple and close to nature has done me good and I still dream to return to live in the countryside in a few years.