Serviced Apartments: Millennial Business Travellers’ Preferred Accommodation

apartments in Mayfair

Today’s business travellers want more from their business trips to London than days filled with gruelling meetings and nights spent in small hotel rooms. This is largely a result of a huge number of millennials entering the business travel scene. The demands of a millennial business traveller differ greatly from those of a non-millennial traveller. The young professionals prefer more comfort and space, and often mix their business travels with leisure trips giving rise to a new trend, called bleisure (business plus leisure) travel.

As bleisure travel is on the minds of young professionals more than ever, the preferred accommodation choice has shifted from hotels to serviced apartments. It is a known fact that even standard hotels in London are expensive, but they are neither spacious nor enjoyable. On the other hand, self-catering apartments give business travellers the opportunity to rent commodious and lavish apartments in Mayfair, which is one of the poshest areas of London.

The boutique serviced apartments are so beautifully furnished and decorated that they make guests feel like they are at home. This is especially beneficial to business travellers who look for high levels of relaxation after a tough day at a conference, exhibition or trade show.

With multiple bedrooms, living areas consisting of LCD TVs and plush sofas, ensuite bathrooms and fully-integrated kitchens, serviced apartments successfully meet the needs of both business and leisure guests. The amenities that guests can use in these apartments range from free high-speed Wi-Fi to 7 days a week housekeeping services, 24/7 security and concierge services to complimentary breakfast everyday of their stay.

Those looking to turn their business trip into a leisure trip will experience immense freedom and flexibility staying in a serviced apartment. They will also be able to invite colleagues and clients for dinner or a small party at their rented apartment.

Hotels are trying their best to lure in millennial business travellers, but to no avail. The personal space, privacy and freedom enjoyed at self-catering apartments in Mayfair is missing in impersonal hotel rooms. Adding to the list of reasons why flats are preferred is the fact that they are usually cheaper than hotel rooms even with all the amenities and facilities.

Serviced apartments are the perfect temporary home for those travelling to London for business purposes. It offers a homely feel, along with 5-star services that travellers are used to from their time of staying at hotels.