Restaurant Terrella For a Good Brunch

Restaurant Terrella

Terrella, the paradise for Brunch lovers

If you are passing through the beautiful city of Porto in Portugal and are looking for a place to brunch, Terrella is the place to go. Whether you are a regular brunchsupporter or you are looking for to discover this trend of Sunday morning, Terrellawill delight you to blow up the taste buds and the eyes.

Brunch, what does that mean?

The word Brunch  comes from English which is a contraction of the two English words that are Breakfast (meaning breakfast) and Lunch (meaning lunch). The contraction of these two words gave us Brunch, which is therefore a meal that is usually taken on Sunday in the late morning / early afternoon.

So there is sweetness such as pastries, fruits like salted, scrambled eggs, salmon, bacon, quiches, etc. There is no limit to this meal, except your hunger.

The principle

There are two services at Terrella on Sunday for brunch, the first is at 11:30 and the second service starts at 1:30 pm.

The price of this brunch is 16 Euros including a cold juice, a hot drink, water is unlimited as well as food. This price is very cheap considering the quality and diversity of the buffet.

You can take the formula with alcohol for a slightly higher price.

You can therefore enjoy all the food on the buffets at will, during the 2 hours you lasts each service.

The paradise of the taste buds

To be more concrete and make you satiate, here are some pictures of the buffet that can be found in Terrella on a Sunday morning.

A table is devoted to different breads, Portuguese pastries, pancakes, waffles and jams.

Then a third large table offers you hot dishes, which will give you the opportunity to taste local dishes.

Where is Terrella?

For the gourmands who want to try the experience, it will be necessary to go to105 C Rua Ofelia Diogo Da Costa, 4100-085 Porto , just behind the ”  Casa Da Musica”.

I would highly recommend booking, if you do not speak Portuguese, the staff speak very good English so you can contact them on  +351 910 659 368