Porto, My Best Addresses To Visit Portugal

My Best Addresses

Porto, the charm of the country

When we talk about travel, we think of the monuments, restaurants, and other outings that we are going to be able to make to enjoy the city. So I’ll introduce you to Porto.

Porto is the second city of Portugal, very beautiful and pleasant to discover. The historic center of this city has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996.

Here are my good addresses for Porto, which is a very attractive city for food, tourist services (airplanes, hotels and car rentals see their prices skyrocket during the summer holidays).

Places to visit in Porto

  • Park and Garden of the Serralves foundation with its museum , a free Garden impression to walk through water bodies, meadows with animals. To do with sunny weather for a pleasant visit. Plan for 1h30 to 02h00 taking the time.
  • Avenue des Aliados , famous avenue of the center of Porto. At the top of the avenue is the Town Hall, at the bottom of the street you will find the São Bento Station.
  • Market of Bolhão , market typical for its atmosphere, its colors, with a lot of fresh produce and small restaurants to eat on the spot.
  • Tower of Clérigos , 76 meters high, it is the highest bell tower of Portugal.From the top of the building you will enjoy an exceptional Panorama over the city, you will just need the courage to climb the steps to amaze your spirit.The monument is a 2-minute walk from Aliados Avenue.
  • Librairie Lello , considered one of the finest bookstores in the world. It served the inspiration of the legendary Harry Potter saga. The entrance fee is less than 5 Euros and the price will be deducted if you buy a book inside. The library is a 2-minute walk from the Tour des Clérigos.
  • Cathedral of Porto , is a fortress church located in the old city center.
  • Ribeira , along the Douro, enjoy this wonder of color.
  • Bridge Dom-Luis , is a famous bridge in Portugal connecting the city of Porto with that of Vila Nova De Gaia, this bridge is located above the Douro, with a pedestrian and car passage on the lower level. The upper level is for the pedestrians as well but for the tram too. It is located just after the Cathedral of Porto.
  • Dragons Stadium, FC Porto Stadium

Shopping in Porto

In Porto and around, you will find 7 large shopping malls filled with shops and restaurants. Enough to give free rein to your shopping party and find your favorite garment in your waist by going around the same signs across the city.

Generally, shopping centers always have on their last floor, the Restoration part consisting of several Fast-Foods / Restaurants more or less healthy, good fresh salad at the good McDo. The interesting concept is that each of you can take his favorite dish in his sign and everyone eats at the same table. This is very handy when you want to eat a KFC and your darling wants to eat a pasta salad from the local sign.

I share my favorite shopping malls:

  • Via Catarina Shopping (In the city center),  Rua de Santa Catarina 312 a 350 ,Porto 4000-443, Portugal
  • NorteShopping , Rua Sara Afonso 105, 4460-841 Senhora Da Hora, Portugal
  • Dolce Vita Porto (opposite the Dragons Stadium), Rua dos Campeões Europeus 28-198, 4350-414 Porto, Portugal
  • Arrabida Shopping , Praceta de Henrique Moreira 244, 4400-346 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

In the pedestrian street you will find many shops, the street is the ”  Rua de Santa Catarina “, you will find the shopping center ”  Via Catarina Shopping  ” in this street.

Eating in Porto

Porto is a city filled with restaurants, very often cheap for us French. The food is very good, so I share some of my favorite restaurants.

  • Central Churrasco , Avenida Doutor Domingos Gonçalves de Sá 282, 4435-213 Rio Tinto, Portugal
  • The kodac , Avenida coronel Hélder Ribeiro, 4450 Leça da palmeira
  • Baixa Burger  Rua da Picaria, 89
  • Mengos,  Perfect for breakfast, Rua de Santa Catarina 161
  • Terrella  , beautiful brunch on Sunday for € 13.50, Ofelia Diogo Costa, +351 910 659 368
  • Mr Binho Sushi Restaurant , Estrada da Circunvalação, 4450099 Matosinhos, Portugal
  • Food Corne r, Rua do Ateneu Comercial 8-14
  • Leitaria da Quinta do Paço,  Pastry shop, Praca Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 47, Baixa Do Porto
  • Nut ‘Oporto , 50 rua das flores, Porto
  • Confeitaria do Bolhão , R. Formosa 339
  • Restaurante Terra , Rua do Padrão 103
  • Mustache Coffee House , Praça de Carlos Alberto 104
  • GULL, Sushi, Rua Cais das Pedras 15
  • BH Foz , Avenida do Brasil 498
  • Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown (Bar and Restaurant on the 17th floor), Rua do Bolhão 223
  • Bela Cruz , Av. Da Boavista 5454

The evening in Porto

On summer evenings you can stroll along the beach and stop in a small bar for a drink and dinner. Apart from that here are two places I love

  • Inala, a covered bar on the beach on the second floor with very good cocktail worthy of a barista and very good chicha for the amateurs, with beautiful jellyfish, Edificio Transparente, Via Castelo do Queijo
  • Eskada , very famous night club Rua da Alegria 611