Mountain camping: how to prepare for your exciting trip

Mountain camping: how to prepare for your exciting trip

Going camping in the mountains represents a thrilling adventure that allows you admire strikingly beautiful sights, spend time outdoors with the family, share stories and jokes around a fire, disconnect from the wearing technology, engage in different activities like hiking, trekking and even walking peacefully while breathing the fresh air. Sleeping underneath the stars represents a far more interesting experience than sleeping in a bed. If this represents your first camping trip to the mountains, make sure that you find a location worthy of your attention, expect some effects from the change of altitude, bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, pack everything you need including sunscreen and lotion. Yes, we know that you are not going to the sea, but the sunlight is more intense in such high areas. On the other hand, you could also have unpleasant experiences like blisters, backaches and even frostbite. In fact, making a checklist will prove to be very helpful because it will give you the certainty that you gather all the essentials for the trip.

Pack all the essential before leaving home

Once again, if this represents your first camping in the mountains experience, then you probably do not know what it means to make sure that you are “fully prepared” before leaving home. However, do not worry because this article has the purpose to help you master packing and planning. Prepare for large quantities of items because apart from the sleeping bag, backpack, pots and camp stove, you also have to pack the right footwear in order to avoid sore feet and we are talking about heavy duty boots ideal for rocky terrain, warm clothes for drastic temperatures changes and a sleeping pad in case you will have to sleep on a frosty rock. Since you will have to carry a high volume of baggage, consider installing a rooftop cargo carrier ( so that you do not cram everything in the back of the car.Take into account design, durability, capacity, security and compatibility if you decide to purchase one.Learn how to wear your backpack comfortably; otherwise, you will inevitably experience bruised hips and pain marks on your shoulders, namely blood blisters.

Organize the items strategically to avoid hassle

Bringing all the necessary things for your first camping trip to the mountains is crucial, but organizing those things is also important. Keep in mind two important aspects: accessibility and weight distribution. Appreciating the beauty of nature comes naturally when you do not experience hassle, physical wounds and stress. Do not forget about minor details like hat, sunglasses and lightweight insulated gloves. In terms of gear, lighter, waterproof matches, extra batteries, headlamp, knife and small medicine kit with bandages, ibuprofen and gauze is fundamental when going camping or climbing in the mountains. If you plan to engage in special activities, make sure that you also pack the needed gear for those specific activities before you walk out the door. Consider your hobbies. For instance, if you enjoy reading, then doing it on the leeward side of the mountain is definitely a lifetime experience so bring a good book.