How to Make Money When Travelling Around the World

Make Money When Travelling Around the World

Earning as you go is a great way to travel.

It’s all very well travelling the world on a shoestring but what about all the experiences and activities that cost money? If you feel as if you’re likely to miss out on really enjoying the trip of a lifetime when you’re travelling without any money then, according to Solution Loans, working your way around the world could be a good alternative. With money coming in wherever you are you’ll be able to enjoy all the best things in life that are free – as well as those that come with a price tag.

Ways to make money when you’re travelling

  • If you’re not only interested in the currency of cash when you’re travelling then volunteering could be a great way to see the world. Rather than being paid via a salary, a volunteering arrangement will usually provide food and/or somewhere to stay in return for your efforts. So, you may not have cash in the bank at the end of the day but your travel budget won’t be depleted.
  • Teach English. Virtually every country in the world has opportunities for English speakers looking to pass on language skills. You could teach kids in India or business people in Taiwan. The potential for work is wide and, often, you don’t even need a qualification just some basic training or the experience of being a native English speaker.
  • Seasonal work. Every country has jobs that require seasonal workers who don’t need qualifications – or even the ability to speak much of the local language. Agriculture is a particularly good industry for anyone travelling and looking for local seasonal work. For example, you can show up on a fruit farm, have somewhere to pitch a tent or stay over and then get paid by the weight of what you pick.
  • Digital work. If your skills are in design or content writing, programming or illustration, for example, you can continue to work as you travel without any restrictions other than the requirement of an internet connection. If you’ve worked in an office up to now but you’re planning a trip then this is a great time to create a digital portfolio and start lining up clients you can work for while you’re away.
  • Head for the resorts. Holiday resorts have a lot of casual work that doesn’t require much experience. You can pick up the basics of bartending or working in a resort shop pretty quickly, for example. Resort work tends to be low commitment and easy to pick up and drop when you arrive and then move on.
  • Blog as you travel. There’s plenty of potential to make money from a blog and if you’re actually out there travelling – as opposed to posting about far flung destinations from the safety of home – you have a big advantage. Choose an identifiable theme for your blog – such as shoestring travel, yoga travel or family travel – and update regularly with interesting images and content. Reach out to advertisers as you go and offer them the opportunity to place their ads alongside your posts.