How to Have the Best Experience Touring Greece

the Best Experience Touring Greece

Any traveller who has spent time in Europe or wants to enjoy the amazing food and countryside that this part of the world has to offer has likely thought about touring the beautiful country of Greece. With so many amazing sights to see in this country, as well as friendly people and delicious food, it makes sense why people from all over the world flock to Greece. While you can easily book a traditional tour and enjoy your time travelling through this idyllic country, there has been a recent surge in a more involved, exciting, and personalised way to see the area: walking tours.

Taking Your Time

A great walking tour has many benefits over a traditional tour where you are bused around the area you are visiting in climate controlled buses or vans. When you book Greece walking tours, not only will you be able to set your own pace, but you can spend time viewing the areas that are more important to you. This allows you a lot of freedom in visiting certain areas and spending time there versus hopping off the bus, taking a few pictures, and then piling back on to go to the next location.

One way that a lot of travellers take advantage of the personalisation of these tours is by eating where they want and wandering around the beautiful countryside. While some people do enjoy knowing when and where they will be eating all of their meals without having to worry about finding a place to stop, others desire the ability to stop when hunger strikes or to pop into a local bakery to try some fresh bread. Walking forces you to slow down, look around you, and interact with the people that you run into, instead of driving past them and never having the opportunity to get to know the locals.

Focus on the Experience

Another reason that so many people love walking tours is because they do not have to worry about luggage or where they will be staying. Having your luggage appear in your next hotel gives you the freedom to not have to carry it to and from a bus or worry about it being lost. Instead, you can spend your time how you’d like – whether that be enjoying a glass of wine in the sun or exploring the Greek island. When the pressure of handling your luggage for yourself is removed, travellers find that they are able toimmerse themselves more fully in the culture and the area, enjoying the trip more than they thought possible.

The next time you are planning a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, consider a walking tour. Aside from getting your exercise in the fresh air, you’ll be able to participate in your travels, not just watch out a window as the countryside zooms by. This will give you a whole new appreciation for Greece, the food, and the people.