How to cut down on travel costs: 7 Top Tips

How to cut down on travel costs 7 Top Tips

See the world for less.

Travel is a wonderful luxury – so, sometimes it doesn’t come cheap. From plane fares and train tickets through to hotels and hostels, it’s easy for all the expenses to mount up. However, for the thrifty traveller there are some great opportunities to reduce how much you pay for your travel. If you want to see the world for less these are some top tips (courtesy of

  1. Travel when no one else wants to. Half term, peak summer, bank holiday weekends – if you avoid these times when everyone is trying to get away then you can considerably cut down your costs. Many airlines will enable you to compare prices across an entire month and just pick the date on which the flights are the cheapest – this is a very easy way to reduce how much you pay to travel.
  2. Wait for the sales. Most major airlines and many booking websites have sales at least twice a year with percentage discounts on flights and accommodation. If you’re planning a trip but have some flexibility in terms of dates then it can be much cheaper to wait for the sale and travel when the discounts are the most substantial.
  3. Opt for stopovers. Flying direct will always cost you considerably more than opting for a ticket that includes one or more stopovers. If you have the flexibility to add a couple of hours to your journey then you can save a lot and this saving is especially important if you intend to apply for a guarantor loan to cover your travel costs so will have interest to pay when you return.
  4. Take your travel food with you. It sounds like a small expense but the cost of eating in airports – or paying for a meal on the plane if it’s not included in your ticket – can be substantial. Snacks and sandwiches brought from home will always be cheaper than buying while you’re in transit and could be much more enjoyable too.
  5. Don’t book a hotel. Hotel rooms remain the most expensive travel accommodation and are not necessarily always the most enjoyable way to stay. If you’re keen to keep costs down then you could opt for a home swap or a room in a local property. Sites like AirBnB offer a much wider range of accommodation choices than a generic hotel room and could give you a much more enjoyable and memorable – as well as cheaper – experience.
  6. Travel with cabin luggage only. This has long been one of the cheapest ways to enjoy the lowest priced flights. The key is to make sure that you have the right sized case so that you don’t end up paying additional fees at the airport. Remember that you’ll also need to be able to fit all of your liquids into the plastic bag provided at security and each one needs to be under the 100ml limit.
  7. Eat like a local. Imported drink and ingredients will always cost more than eating the local produce and dishes. So, if you want to keep travel costs down, as well as learn more about local food and cuisine, make sure you’re sampling the dishes that the locals like.