How safe is your online dating app?

safe is your online dating app

Dating apps have become a way of life for singles searching for either a one-night fling or a lifetime commitment. Users are ready to reveal almost all their information from their real names, workplace, home address, and occupation just to be able to find the right mate.

Other than that, dating apps are also used to post naked photos and other very private data. With this kind of data being uploaded on dating apps, how safe do they handle them? Let’s find out how dating apps fare in handling data uploaded by users:

The username you use is not protected

You might try hiding behind a username while using dating apps. You think this protects you. Unfortunately, it has been found that four of the nine apps you’re currently using will show all the personal information you have provided. This means that, with little effort, all your social media accounts and real name will be discovered by a new online friend.

The apps can also provide your current location

Did you know that six of 9 popular apps will provide information to your whereabouts? This means that your new online friend can stalk you without you knowing about it. Some apps make it so easy for a user to track you down, making it downright scary.

The apps you use may be open to MITM attacks

MITM or Man-in-the-middle attacks five of nine apps. It is because they never take the time to authenticate certificates. This lack of authenticity on their part leads to the loss of a temporary authorization. When this happens, the criminals have a field day between 2-3 weeks to access all your data including your social media accounts.

The above-mentioned threats to dating apps are only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some tips to use that can protect you against these online threats:

  • Install strong security apps for all the devices you’re actively using
  • Information shared should be on a need-to-know basis
  • Never give out all your social media accounts and your real name in dating apps
  • Never include any email accounts
  • Never access your dating apps on WiFi networks that are unprotected

What to do if you are having issues with a new online friend

You might be in a situation right now that needs further background investigation on a new friend. You want to check out the authenticity of this online date but don’t know how to go about it.

Fret no more for help can be availed from various cybersecurity firms. The question now is who to get.

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The protection of sensitive data uploaded by users to various online dating apps has been found wanting. This is according to a study conducted by one of the best cybersecurity firms. This is not to stop you from using the services. It just means that you need to understand safety measures to minimize the risk to your private information and life as well.

But still, online dating is a good opportunity to meet a love of your life if you do everything smartly and you’ll be able to become happier when you find your second half. You could probably hear that the popularity of dating with Russian and Ukrainian girls become popular and it is a real truth. Lots of people men have found their love abroad and you can do it as well.