Holidays In The Landes: Ocean, Pines & fine Sand


At the end of June, we went to oxygenate in the ocean, in Vieille-Saint-Girons, in the Landes. It had been two years since we moved to Lyon in fact!
Last year , I went there alone to see my little sister, who worked at Contis, a few kilometers from Vieille-Saint-Girons.

Even at the age of 30, I still feel the same excitement as when I was a kid, on the way to the holiday, the road to the Landes.
Crossing miles of pine forests, driving on straight roads, feeling the sea air, catching sight of the ocean. Then land in this haven of peace beneath the pines, go to the beach on foot along the small path covered with pine trees. Climb the small wild dune to admire this familiar beach but which changes over time and currents. The happiness and sensation of freedom that invade my body and mind do not change with time!

A corner of nature preserved in the forest of Saint-Girons, but this little corner of paradise where initially the campsite was municipal, was transformed Campéole camping a few years ago.
Results: most of the tent sites have been replaced by bungalows, pagan, bengali, prices have soared, German surf camps have multiplied, surfers in the Volkswagen Combi and young people are now scarcer, replaced by a family clientele, German or Dutch, usually staying for several weeks.

I liked precisely the rough, wild and very nature side of this campsite, there were almost no traces of man nor large facilities apart from a few sanitary.
This is still a great corner of nature because the forest is managed by the NFB therefore protected, but it will never again this simple municipal campsite I have known!

We slept for a week under a pagan. The prices were half the price for the last week of June and equivalent to a week spent in a tent. So we did not hesitate and then we did well because it was quite cold. We were glad to have the toilet and shower, the kitchen, beds and a canvas a little thicker than that of the tent. That has simplified matters a lot. But I was still cold …
And yes, we are old, when we have 30 pegs, we want our little comfort! 😉