Flying for the Very First Time? Some Things to Know

Flying for the Very First Time Some Things to Know

Everyone remembers their first flight up there into the heavens and I bet everyone who reads this knows what I mean.

The night before, the trip to the airport,checking in, the departure lounge, and boarding, then as those big fat wheels start to rumble, up you go! And what an incredible view from the window, right?!

A Few Things You Should Expect:

If you have chosen to fly, you will have to make sure you can find a flight on your holiday schedule.

  • If so, do it as early as possible, because that seat might not be available tomorrow, never mind later on today.

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Flight Preparation

Before leaving for the airport, check all of your documentation. Get there not too early and definitely not too late! If you’re going by car or taxi, check local radio or website for any traffic jams.

Checking In

At the airport, you will now have to check in and can only do so when your airline’s counter is ready, so watch out on the big monitor for departures.

  • Have your ticket and passport at the ready and be ready to hand over your luggage.

Your hand luggage you can take along with you. After everything has been checked you will be issued with a boarding pass and receipt of luggage.

Gate and Boarding

Now you can head to the departure lounge and find out which gate your flight will be leaving on, and on the way pass through a security check.

Afterwards, you can now wander around the departure lounge and check out some duty free if you wish.

  • Next, you will have to locate where your gate is and then get there within say 20 – 30 minutes of your take off.

After passing through the gate (have boarding card ready and hand baggage security scanned) you can now board the plane.

As you enter the doorway, a hostess or steward will be standing there to greet you and after seeing your boarding pass they will politely tell you where your seat is.

Inside the Plane and Taking Off

Most of the busiest part is now over, so go to your seat and depending on the size of your hand luggage, you can put that in the overhead locker, or if smaller, under your seat.

  • Before taking off, the cabin crew will carry out a safety demonstration of what to do in case of an emergency.

When you’re belted up it won’t be long before the wheels start moving and you’re up in the sky! After getting to a certain height, you will soon be told that you can undo your seatbelt and relax.


After landing and leaving the plane, you will then have to follow the arrivals sign to go through immigration and pick up your bags at the carousel.

Have a really great first flight!