Dreamy Destinations to Charter a Yacht

Dreamy Destinations to Charter a Yacht

There a wide selection of luxury yachts available for charter all around the world. Keep on reading this article for more information.


You want to visit straight out of dream destinations to charter a yacht, start in France. Along the Mediterranean Sea, you will enjoy the delight of France’s seaside. Don’t forget to rent a Mercedes V class in Nice airport before you join the charter. If you’re searching for other places to charter a yacht, here are 3 of them.

Saint Barth

Saint Barth or Saint Barthelemy represents an ideal place to charter a yacht. It is a beautiful island located in the peninsula of Lesser Antilles. It is a nice spot for your nautical activities even if you’re a newbie, because its seabed is not deep at all.

In St Barth, you’ll enjoy 14 beaches, all open to the public and all covered in white sand bordering a crystal-clear water. If some of them are fairly frequented by tourists, others are still very well pristine.

But if you want to see the most beautiful of them, go to the Shell Beach. If you would like to have some fun in a quiet and unspoiled beach, go the Governor’s Beach and the Petit Cul de Sac. Few people hang out there.


Located in the continent of Africa, Tanzania is a true natural paradise for nature lovers. It offers all the ingredients to amaze you such as breathtaking scenery, large unexplored magnificent seabed, not to mention a large variety of wildlife. Yes, you might think of a safari but not a yacht charter to see elephant, giraffe, zebra, hippopotamus or even gazelle. However, you can admire these animals too during a yacht charter.

You’re not going to Tanzania for sand beach idleness. You’re here to get busy visiting natural treasures. Just about 130 km from the Indian Ocean, for example, there is the famous Lake Manyara. Apart from its noteworthy landscapes by being nested in the Rift Valley, it is the home to more than 400 birds species, and many other wild animal species.

West Coast of India

One doesn’t just go to India just for the culture. The west coast of India offers an exotic and tropical setting for a wonderful stay aboard a yacht. Rather than giving in to the terrestrial sightseeing in Udaipur, Agra or Delhi, choose to sail along the Karnataka and Kerala coasts between Goa and Kovalam.

This journey leads you toward the mythical beaches of Goa popularized in the ’70s by the stones or the Beatles, to join the high places of Ayurvedic seaside resort in the south of the country. All along your cruise, you can enjoy seeing the coasts scenic and take stops in traditional small towns. This is a real opportunity to discover India without the hubbub of its big cities.