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GoPro and BMW: A new partnership

A new addition to the world of connected objects, BMW and GoPro have united to offer a new experience to fans and especially owners of these two brands.

In fact, BMW now connects GoPro sports camera systems to the multimedia system of your vehicle of the German brand and to order them directly from your computer.

GoPro cameras and their thousands of mounting brackets are more than desirable to any sports car owner. Hooked up on all sides of the vehicle, these cameras record impressive sequences, whether on the roof, inside on the dash, near the wheels.

With the new generation of GoPro Hero 3+, with amazing picture quality and above all Wi-Fi connectivity, the possibilities are virtually endless with the ability to view, record live images from your smartphone via l GoPro official application.

As I said at the beginning of this article, BMW partnered with GoPro to develop an application compatible with the BMW iDrive system. This new app available for free on iOS allows the phone to link between the camera and the onboard multimedia system. It is thus possible to control the exposure of the camera via different automatic modes, to trigger or to stop a recording, by means of the joystick of the central console. On the other hand, contrary to what you can read on other sites, there is no question of retransmitting the images on the dashboard when the car is driving for obvious security reasons. Images are only broadcast when stopped.

This new feature is compatible with all BMW and Mini exits after 2012.

In order to function, all you have to do is download the BMW Connectedapplication  and the GoPro App application and launch the application and connect your smartphone to your car via the USB cable.

Connect your GoPro to Wi-Fi to your smartphone, then launch your BMW Connected application. And from your dashboard go to Apps -> Other Apps and you ‘ll see the GoPro apps, you’ ll see several action possibilities:

Switch from photo mode to video mode

Trigger recording a snapshot or video

Change video modes

See the visual of your GoPro, only if your vehicle is stopped

The application offers several shooting modes including Night Driving

During this operation, the screen of your smartphone displays a screen with the logo of these two marks. Especially do not change screen or your application will shut down on the dashboard.