5 Tips to Select a Prominent Frequent flyer program

Prominent Frequent flyer program

Air tickets are an expensive affair. But if you are a frequent flyer, you don’t have much of a choice other than accept this, even if it’s unwillingly. Is that really so? Is there really no other way to lessen this burden? Sure there is! A membership to an efficient frequent flyer

Around Lyon: Family Walk Aboard The Small Train of Ardeche

Around Lyon: Family Walk Aboard The Small Train

At the beginning of April, Noah had spotted the poster on the subway in the week asking me to see the train and on Sunday we were heading towards the small station of Tournon-sur-Rhone to take the little train from Ardeche . We chose the Mastrou, the train departs from Tournon-sur-Rhône

Holidays In The Landes: Ocean, Pines & fine Sand


At the end of June, we went to oxygenate in the ocean, in Vieille-Saint-Girons, in the Landes. It had been two years since we moved to Lyon in fact! Last year , I went there alone to see my little sister, who worked at Contis, a few kilometers from Vieille-Saint-Girons. Even at