Car Rental Made Simple

Car Rental Made Simple

If you are thinking of renting a car for the first time, it may feel somewhat intimidating, but it isn’t as difficult as it seems. As with other things in life, car hire in Australiawill mostly depend on what you’re looking for and the service you choose to rent from. Prior to making that choice, here are some points that you should consider first.

Before Booking Your Car

  • How many days you will be using it? When and where do you wish to pick it up and return it?
  • What type of car do you drive at home? Most folks when using car rentals, wish to drive one that is similar, and ensures familiarity.
  • Great car rental at Melbourne airport is now available.
  • Figure out what size car you want to rent and how many people will be with you. And don’t forget how much baggage you will have.
  • You can book your car online. It’s faster, and can be done 24 hours a day.
  • Documentation confirming any payments can be saved and/or printed out.
  • Is there any need for special equipment? Such as a disability? If yes, which vehicle is best to carry you and your equipment?
  • There are alsoairport car hire and van rental

Car Type Availability

In nearly all cases, available cars for normal car rental andairport rentalswill be classified by size (mini, compact, 4×4, 8 seats), class (economy, premium, luxury) or perhaps a certain feature (coupe, convertible, eco-friendly). Normally there is the choice of manual and automatic drives.

What You Should Be Aware of

  • What your quote includes: The hiring charges for the vehicle, basic insurance and any mandatory charges and taxes.
  • Extras: (but not in all cases) that might include navigation, DVD/music system, children’s seats, mobile Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Kilometre limits: Kilometres will be limited or unlimited. If limited, the estimated number of kilometres will be established before your voyage and you will be charged for anything past that limit.
  • For any long distance journeys, regarding the best car hire deals,unlimited miles are the best.

Remember that the rented car will be your responsibility during the rental period. Ensure that the insurance coverage is fully suitable for you.

Collecting Your Rental Car (What you must have with you and show when you pick up your vehicle)

  • Every piece of reservation information, found on your booking confirmation.
  • An up to date, driver’s licence will only be accepted, you can forget about any photocopies!
  • Some car rental companies, may also demand some evidence of any address on your driver’s license. (This should not be any older than three months).
  • Every person who will be driving the rental car should be there during vehicle collection with their appropriate documentation. There are a number of services that may charge an extra payment for additional drivers.

The above should provide you with some thoughts on how to make sure everythinggoes smoothly, and here’s hoping that you will have a safe trip journey on the roads of Australia!