The Crazy Tomato Fest Facts| La Tomatina Facts

La Tomatina Facts

A small street, 20,000+ people, 100 tons tomatoes, 1 hour; these are the highlights that make the grand Spain famous festival La Tomatina so much fun. What is La Tomatina? La Tomatina is the biggest annual food fight which is celebrated in Bunol; a small town 38 km from Valencia, Spain. Even

Just Have An Amazing Vacation In Muscat

Amazing Vacation In Muscat

Yachts are mainstream with tycoons. Regardless of the possibility that you don't have enough cash to get one, it doesn't imply that you can't ride in it. Dissimilar to some time recently, now you would now be able to lease the machine and utilize it at whatever point you need. Procedures

Around Lyon: Family Walk Aboard The Small Train of Ardeche

Around Lyon: Family Walk Aboard The Small Train

At the beginning of April, Noah had spotted the poster on the subway in the week asking me to see the train and on Sunday we were heading towards the small station of Tournon-sur-Rhone to take the little train from Ardeche . We chose the Mastrou, the train departs from Tournon-sur-Rhône

Holidays In The Landes: Ocean, Pines & fine Sand


At the end of June, we went to oxygenate in the ocean, in Vieille-Saint-Girons, in the Landes. It had been two years since we moved to Lyon in fact! Last year , I went there alone to see my little sister, who worked at Contis, a few kilometers from Vieille-Saint-Girons. Even at

Summer Holidays At The Ocean And In The Countryside

Summer Holidays

After getting back to work last week, I wanted to plunge into those lovely moments spent in the ocean and in the countryside, to fight the blues of the re-entry ... This year, we returned to the Landes because since small, I can not resist the call of the ocean. I

Free Macbook at University

Macbook at University

The University of Drexel in Philadelphia, offers its students to rent for free in their MacBook libraries. This distributor gives access to one of the 12 self-service computers, on which are installed a lot of software so that the students can use it immediately. Students can borrow these Apple computers free of charge

Lubéron: A Weekend In The Heart Of Provence

The Heart Of Provence

I finally publish the continuation of our autumn weekend in the Lubéron . At 2h30 from Lyon, the heart of Provence offers beautiful mediterranean landscapes and small villages have a lot of charm. For the occasion we rented on airbnb, an apartment in a stone farmhouse but we did not even meet the owner! This

Midi-Pyrenees, Large Sites Area

Large Sites Area

Because I'm in love with the south-west, it's my hometown and it's full of treasures, I promote the Midi-Pyrénées region! I remain very attached to my region of origin and I am very proud of it. Every time I come back, I feel at home! 2nd largest region of France, Occitan land, land

Where To Swim Near Lyon: Natural Bathing

Natural Bathing

With this heat heat, at the limit of the bearable, I think only one thing is to leave the city and go to bathe. I do not like swimming too much in public swimming pools, chlorine dries my skin and I am a little "microbiophobe", I prefer to bathe in lakes

A day In The Lot: Saint-Cirq-Lapopie And Cahors

Lot: Saint-Cirq-Lapopie And Cahors

At the end of May, we spent a few days in the south-west with my parents and my mother kept Noah a day for us to make a romantic walk. We took the opportunity to visit Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, a pretty medieval village in the Lot perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the