Around Lyon: Family Walk Aboard The Small Train of Ardeche

Around Lyon: Family Walk Aboard The Small Train

At the beginning of April, Noah had spotted the poster on the subway in the week asking me to see the train and on Sunday we were heading towards the small station of Tournon-sur-Rhone to take the little train from Ardeche .
We chose the Mastrou, the train departs from Tournon-sur-Rhône at 10am and sillone gorges du Doux to Lamastre, which claims to be the capital of the chestnut. The Gorges train stops halfway, at the station of Colombier-le-Vieux / St Barthélémy-le-Plain.

The journey lasts 1h40, we discover beautiful landscapes and the whistling of the magnificent steam locomotive Mallet makes us travel in the past. The tour is commented but with the windows open, we do not always hear very well. The little train served as a backdrop for films like Arsene Lupine .
The railway of the vivarais has existed for 120 years and was used to transport men, mail and goods (wood and fruit and vegetable crops).

We had lunch in Lamastre in a family restaurant,  Chez Germaine , there is an outside terrace and a small garden with a slide and small houses for children. Perfect for having a drink and eating quietly, that’s when you have a cool kid, because Noah was a bit painful … to change what!
The food is simple but everything is homemade, so it’s bound to be good! It is a good place for family lunch.
After lunch, no time to stroll through the deserted streets of Lamastre, we go down to the station to catch the train back. Before getting back into the old vintage wagon, we saw the drivers fill the water tank and make the turning maneuver of the locomotive on the turning bridge.

On the way back, Noah lay down on the wooden bench for a little roupillon in the wagon!