A helpful guide to starting your trip to your favorite destination

A helpful guide to starting your trip to your favorite destination

Are you a dreamer? Are you an explorer? Do you love to fly? Do you want to scream? Do you want to laugh your heart out with your friends? If traveling is a part of your routine and you are a person who loves traveling, there are a few essential things that every jet-setter should keep in mind.

Pack smartly

All of us want to carry the best of our clothes when we travel because we want to look the best. We click a lot of pictures, and those memories are going to be everlasting. But it is a bad idea to carry a whole wardrobe while traveling. Too much luggage will cause a lot of discomfort. Even the flights have a lot of limitations regarding the luggage limit.  Say, if you are going to Delhi from Pune in any of the Pune to Delhi flights, then no matter which airline you choose, it will have luggage limits. If the weight of your luggage crosses a mark, you may have to pay extra. Therefore, all you should do is pack smartly. For instance, you can carry one or two pairs of jeans with many shirts that go with it.

It is even more important to pack the right clothes according to the places you want to visit. If you’re going to party hard, then, carry party wear with you; and if you are going to a hill station, then do take warm clothes with you.

Places to eat

Indian cuisine is one of its kind. Every state of India has its own flavour of delicacies. So, to try all types of food. If you go to Kerala, never forget to try the seafood over there. If you go to Delhi, do try the momos and street food of Delhi.

A satisfying dinner with your spouse or your family will always lighten up your trip. So, always choose the best place to dine. Do a lot of research on the internet about the restaurants you want to eat in.

Book your flights

Forget the idea of traveling by train. Nowadays, planes are the most convenient means of travel. For example, booking Pune to Delhi flights or flights between any two major cities are much more cheaper than booking train tickets (AC II tier).

Book your Hotel in advance

Always plan well and book your favorite place to stay in advance. Since good hotels are in high demand, it is difficult to get your favorite place at the last moment. You can book hotels online and choose the best deals and discounts.

Live the moment

Live the moment to the fullest so that you can relive the moment later. Feel the place. Feel belongingness to the place. Do not hesitate in trying something new. Be open to all kinds changes.

Mingle with all

If you are traveling in a group, try mingling with everyone. Make new friends. You can even mix with the localities of a place. Say you go to Rajasthan; It is very well known for majestic palaces and very talented artisans. If you jell well with the local artisans, you will know more about the place as well as the story behind every place you visit. They might even show you some unknown places which your guide might not be aware of.

Also, remember to take keen note of all the above tips and have a fulfilling journey.