5 Yummy Non-Veg Starters to Taste at Zaffran

5 Yummy Non-Veg Starters to Taste at Zaffran

Zaffran is amongst the popular go-to place when people want to enjoy really great non-vegetarian cuisine. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations are extremely delicious and worth having. It is one of the best places in town that serve Mughlai and North Indian cuisines with their authenticate taste and aroma.

Zaffran makes sure that the entire ambience looks similar to a palace. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you will feel like you are going to dine amidst royalty. The beautiful and sensual aroma of food fills up the aura and acts as an appetizer. They play soft melodies and soothing tunes in the background that make you completely relaxed.

The starters at any restaurant are the deciding factor for the taste quotient of a particular restaurant. Zaffran does not disappoint its customers in this context. It is particularly very well known in the city for North Indian and Mughali preparations. Here are the topmost yummy non-veg starters that you must taste at Zaffran:

Tandoori Murg

Tandoori Murg can certainly be called as the king of non-veg starter menu because the list of starters is definitely incomplete without it. Since this is the most demanded and ordered delicacy at this restaurant, it is prepared with utmost taste and delicious aroma. The chefs marinate the chicken overnight so that the spices penetrate through the chicken and impart the desired flavour. Finally, it is toasted in tandoor and presented to the guests.

Murg Zaffrani Tikka

Murg Zaffrani Tikka is a speciality of Zaffran restaurant. The chicken is cut into tender morsels and then marinated with saffron and cashew. After marinating, the chicken is put in the tandoor for cooking. The tikka gets a smoky taste and aroma and becomes absolutely finger-licking good. You must surely try this dish when you visit this restaurant.

Murg Malai Tikka

Murg Malai Tikka is prepared using boneless chicken pieces. It is marinated with the help of cheese and cream and a little bit of masala and spices. It is amongst the most frequently ordered dish at this restaurant. The richness of cream enhances the flavour of the chicken and makes it more yummy and delicious.

Murg Kalmi Tangdi Kabab

Murg Kalmi Kabab is a preparation that involves chicken drumsticks. These drumsticks are marinated using double cream and lots of cheese. Several spices are added along with chunks of garlic and ginger to make it absolutely scrumptious.

Murg Kalimirch Tikka

In addition to the above mentioned delicious preparations, you cannot leave Zaffan without trying murg kalimirch tikka. It is also prepared using boneless chicken and it’s marinated with brown golden fried onion and seasoned generously with crushed black pepper. You are going to love this dish if you are fond of spicy food.

Along with good food and great ambience, Zaffran is very focused towards delivering quality service. They make sure that the customers do not face any type of issues or inconvenience throughout their dining. Customer satisfaction is the top most priority for the restaurant.

Zaffran makes sure that they fulfil all the parameters that are essential for a restaurant to become desirable. It is usually crowded on all days of the week, but it is recommended that you make a prior reservation on weekends.

Address: Infiniti Mall – Malad, 1406-A/16E, New Link Rd, Mindspace, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064.

The next time you are in Mumbai, do not forget to visit Zaffran and enjoy the yummy starters that are listed above.