5 Crucial Things to Be Checked During the Water Purifier Service Schedule

RO water purifier

Industrialisation came with a price. As mankind progressed, the basic necessities of life like air and water got polluted too. Today, the level of pollution is so high in water that the basic filtration and purification methods alone are not enough to make it suitable for consumption. We need intense purification methods like RO filters that make sure all the chemical and biological contaminants are separated from the water effectively and efficiently.

Buying water purifiers is a requirement today, but then buying alone is not enough. You need to understand the importance of servicing and maintaining it so as to ensure its longevity. If your filter is not cleaned on a regular basis, the whole purpose of buying it goes waste.

Irrespective of whether you use RO water purifiers or UV water purifiers, some of the important things that need to be checked during the water purifier service schedule are:


The filters in your purifiers work continuously keeping away the contaminants from entering the water and hence they get saturated with contaminants over the time. An RO filter needs to be replaced in every few months. If you keep using the filter saturated with contaminants, the efficiency of it will reduce and contaminants will eventually find their way into resultant water after purification.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filter is responsible for removing chlorine and some other contaminants from water that can have an adverse effect both on the performance and life of the RO membrane. It needs to be replaced annually for your purifier to work optimally. If carbon filter is not maintained properly, it affects the RO membrane as well as the taste and odour of the water. 

Sediment Filter

The frequency of change for the sediment filter is usually yearly. The maintenance of this filter is necessary as it is responsible for straining out the dirt, silt and sediment from water. It is this filter that stains out the sediments and hence prevents it from reaching and damaging the fine RO membranes.

RO Membrane Replacement

This is the most crucial part of your RO purifier, which filters out the chemicals and particulates. As a general guideline, RO membrane needs to be replaced once every year if you maintain the other parts properly. This means that if the sediment and carbon filters are properly maintained, the life expectancy of this crucial part is no less than 2-3 years. But again, this time can increase or decrease depending upon the quality of water in your area.

Drips and Leakages

Water purifier is a machine after all and constant use is bound to cause normal wear and tear. When you maintain it on a regular basis, you can get to know of any such wear and tear that can be repaired on time without becoming a reason for any bigger trouble later. If you ignore these petty things, they have the potential of converting into bigger and more complex problems ruining the entire machine completely.

Just buying a good water purifier is not enough. You need to take an annual maintenance contract from a professional service provider to maintain it properly. This will ensure that your purifier keeps working optimally and continues churning out safe and clean water for consumption. A good and professional servicing and maintenance will also ensure that your purifier has a longer lifespan.