4 underrated place in Malaysia that are worth a visit

4 underrated place in Malaysia that are worth a visit

Whenever anyone mentions Malaysia as a travel destination, their list of travel spots limits to just Kuala Lumpur, Penang,and Melaka. Malaysia is a lot more than that. Even with the kind of tourist rush that Malaysia has every year; there are not many places that travelers are familiar with outside the above mentioned trio.

That’s really a shame because some of the mentioned unexplored places account for some of the best places to visit when in Malaysia. So, buckle up and book the cheap flights that you can visit these enlisted options while you are cruising your way through the beautiful country of Malaysia.


Taiping, or sometimes often regarded as the City of Eternal Peace, this city has a very languid and serene touch to it. It is famous for its picturesque Lake Gardens which makes up for the best kind of experiences that one can possibly encounter while on a trip to the country of Malaysia. It is often said that this place is best visited during the early mornings.


Semporna is located on the eastern edge of Malaysia and has an array of islands which adds up to the beauty of the surroundings. This is like a small heaven for the divers and is often filled with adventurers who are into diving. The clear and tranquil water of the islands contributes to the never-ending experience for the tourists. You definitely need to splurge a bit of money to get there but it is definitely more than worth the money.


AlorSetar is a quaint and beautiful town situated just two hours away from Penang, you can easily rent a car. So, if you have Penang in your itinerary, then this town definitely needs to be on the list as well. This town is home to some of the most beautiful architecture and museums. It even has a number of authentic Thai temples. While there, make sure to try the famous “Char KwayTeow” which is a specialty there.

Kuala Perlis

Now, if you are planning on visiting AlorSetar, make sure to drive 30 minutes more and visit Kuala Perlis. It is located just beside the seaside which makes this place known for the splurge of seafood variety that it has to offer. The prices are very cheap yet there is no compromise when it comes to the quality. You can even spend a mere amount of $7 for a full course seafood platter.

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. But, if you really want to experience the authentic beauty of Malaysia, it is best advised to visit these unexplored and underrated destinations around the country. Also, not to forget that getting a Visa for Malaysia is super convenient and helps making it a famous holiday spot.

Majority of the people are going to visit the common places and you should too but make sure to visit these few mentioned destinations that not many people are either aware of or never plan on visiting. Plan ahead and pack accordingly to have the best experience in the country.