4 Things an Addiction Does to a Family

4 Things an Addiction Does to a Family

Drug abuse is a challenge to many people across the world. It has adverse effects in the society. Drug addicts waste a lot of money which can be used to do constructive things. Moreover, they engage in crime in a bid to get cash to finance their lifestyles. They tend to miss work leading to decreased productivity of the economy. Perhaps it is in the family where the effects of this behavior are felt. It is advisable for people to look for help at Christian addiction treatment centers. These centers provide counseling in addition to the medical treatment. Some of the effects include:

Child neglect

If a parent happens to be a drug addict, the family pays dearly. Children will be neglected. The parent will not be there to provide the required moral support. They will have an absentee father or mother. As such, they are likely to miss school, and this will make them perform poorly in their exams. Addicted parents might direct the funds needed for education and food to drugs. As a result, these children might go for days without food making them resort to crime in a bid to get food. They might also drop out of school due to the lack of school fees. These children might grow lacking a role model. As such, they are likely to sink into the world of drugs which is destructive to their lives. It would present a threat to a whole generation.

Broken families

This happens when one or both the spouses are addicts of drugs. They will never have time for each other. They are most likely to use their free time abusing drugs. The lack of this connection is enough for the family to break. Alcohol and drug addicts are troublesome and might keep on fighting every day. Some of these fights might attract the attention of law enforcement making one or both of them to be jailed. Such actions serve to weaken the fabric holding the family and their relationship together. There would be an increase in single mothers and fathers. Abandoned and street children would increase which is a burden to the society in general.

Increased family spending

Drugs are expensive. Remember this is the money which could be used to buy necessities such as food, clothes, and medicine. Parents would be forced to avoid purchasing these necessities to finance their addictive lifestyles. This will serve to deny the children and the rest of the family members the quality of life they deserve. As such, these vices need to be stopped once and for all to have a future generation which is strong.

Increased illnesses

Drugs have all the adverse effects. First of all, addicts have poor health. Smokers will suffer from cancer; alcoholics will suffer from liver cirrhosis while those who use injections are at the risk of contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS. All these are life-threatening conditions. Families face the risk of losing one or more of their members to those drugs. It is a significant blow to the structure of the family. That is not all. Addicts are not productive, and as such, they cannot provide the family with income. Instead, they will be an expense to the family since they require food and medication. It is perhaps the highest time that families sit down and engage on how to end this vice.